Upgrading CM setting?

If and when I upgrade to the latest version of CM am I going to have to re-calibrate everything, and redo all the settings like I had to when I first set up my machine?

You mean when you upgrade from CM 3 to CM 4? Or when upgrading from one iteration to another like CM 3.x.x to 3.y.y?

With the iterative versions, your settings should carry over. However, before you can upgrade to CM 4 from 3, you have to flash the memory on your controller board to GRBL 1.1. Yes you loose settings. Its a good idea to output your current settings in the log file to a separate document and save them before upgrading.

Instructions here on updating, but they don’t talk about saving your log settings.

Recommend before doing those steps you go into the MDI and do a “$$” command to get the log settings and cut and paste them to a file. However, unless you have custom settings, the link above explains that CM 4 has the default settings built in for the machines.


Thanks. I have a rather large job to do this month so I think I am going to wait until after I get done with it. I’m assuming the latest version 4.0 has the bugs worked out by now?

Build 412 seems to work well for most folks if they successfully get updated to Grbl 1.1 — the remaining issues seem all cosmetic, or interface infelicities.

When will 1.1 become anything other than “bleeding edge?” Is there any timeframe for it to become the office Carbide3D version?