Upgrading motors and speeding z axis journey

So I am venturing into upgrading all the motors on the my xxl with hdz to a motor with 1.8 A draw and 340 ozin holding torque( 2.4 Nm for the rest of the world)

Can anyone help me with the hdz ball screw shaft diameter where the flex coupling attaches to? I need to replace the coupling due to a larger motor input shaft but I cant pull the machine apart for a couple days and would like to get parts ordered. I do not have the current generation of the the hdz but the previous generation that I ordered this summer

before anyone says that I dont need to upgrade the z motor, I don’t care I’m going to try it to see if I can increase the speed/ I like to tinker.

This started as me running into issues with the x and y axis having different forces applied to the bit and making life difficult to figure out how hard I could push. The stepper motors slipping has always been the weakest link with my current setup. I also was having juddery x axis movement and decided to upgrade the x axis with these motors to see what difference it made.

with the stock motors I could push with two fingers and make the x axis slip. With this motor I can nearly put my bod weight into it without slippage. I know very scientific, But is what Ive got for now. It was impressive enough that since I ordered a 5 pack of pullies and I cant just have 4 of them sitting in m spare parts organizer that I Ordered 4 additional motors (I like having a spare for unproven parts).

So I now have the motors, I have the pulleys, The bolt pattern and wire colors are the same, Connectors should be here tomorrow so all that is left is the flex coupling for the hdz which admittedly I didn’t think about until tonight.

The HDZ has a 8mm shaft and the normal motors are 6.35.


Awesome! What a great attitude :+1: :joy: :joy:

Thank you. I’ll keep Everton informed on how it goes.

Well I ordered 10 sets of the wrong connectors. Well correct type just wrong pitch. Just ordered what I think/hope are the correct. So I should have everything middle of next week to do this.

Now I’ve got connectors for another product I guess.

Have the motors and pulleys. Spare belts which I need to order more of seeing as the boat from China has been slow.

These are what the wrong connector parts look like. Correct series just wrong pitch…

Well this book is closed for now. I’ve been fighting random lost steps, about a half inch at a time, all day. $50 in wood and a week old $50 bit down the drain. Not to mention a days worth of my time fighting it.

Stock motors are
Back on.

Probably not random.
My first guess would be that your new motors have a much higher inductance than stock. If that’s the case, torque will drop off pretty steeply as you increase speed. Motors with high inductance require higher voltages to maintain torque at the same speed as steppers with lower inductance. You’re limited to 24V with the stock controller.


@neilferreri nailed it.

Have you got the specs for the new motors? Inductance and the torque curve will help you work it out.

Otherwise servos are always an option…
(No these are not going on my shapeoko)


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