Upgrading the spindle

Have many people upgraded their dewalt to a proper spindle?

I’m giving:this

some thought

A couple of people have done this, dating back to the SO2 days: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Spindle_Options#1KW_and_over

If your house wiring will accommodate it, it’s a neat thing to do and seems to work well for some folk’s needs.

I keep thinking I’ll get a 110V Kress, but haven’t yet had a project which justifies it.

Is 2.2 kw a bit too powerful? I want to be using low rpm

If you need that kind of torque at low RPM, there’s no such thing as too powerful so long as it’s a smooth running motor w/ good quality bearings which won’t induce vibration or chatter.

It worked well for one guy on an SO2, which I was always faintly surprised by (would’ve thought the weight would’ve caused excessive deflection and attendant issues), and an SO3 should be far more able to take advantage of it.

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Would be useful for aluminium projects - I just find the dewalt way too fast - I was milling some black walnut today on the slowest speed and when opening my hood there was a good amount of light smoke.

Lower bottom-end speed was one of the reasons I went w/ a Makita rather than a Dewalt.

I went with a Super-PID on my Dewalt and I can slow it down to 5000 RPM. Requires extra DIY effort on your part, but another option for you to consider.


I’m not opposed to a super PID - but they are $150 + parts and shipping, a whole new spindle is $300 but I can sell the old router and get the benefits of an er20 collet

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I personally went with the SuperPID as well and I’m pretty happy with the results. I guess I could have gotten a proper spindle, but at that point I already had the Dewalt and had been using it for awhile so it wasn’t like I was going to make any money back off it, plus I already had a couple collets, dust shoe, etc. that went along with the Dewalt. I had fun doing the mods to make the SuperPID run and as far as cost I bought mine when they had a special for a few % off on price. Here’s mine: