Upper Z Limit Hit on BitSetter Initialization

Randomly went to go and startup my Pro and when it went to initialize the machine and go to the BitSetter, the bit touches the button with red light showing connection as usual, then the machine raises up all the way on the Z and hits the limit switch. There is a normal second touch on the BitSetter button and only a half inch or so raise on the Z-Axis when doing so. Can’t figure out the issue and can’t get past this point without disabling BitSetter in Motion settings.

Is this after loading a file? If so, check the safety/retract height in the file.

If not, let us know step-by-step what the machine does at support@carbide3d.com

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That’s what first came to mind because I had been hitting it the other day when I was cutting thicker material, but it is the initial homing/initialization prior to any file being loaded or zeros being set. I will run it through once more and get the step by step and try and copy over the log file if that would help as well.

Step by step and log sent to email.

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