Use touch probe to locate the center of material

I dont think a haimer is a realistic thing to for a desktop cnc but one functional aspect could be replicated with just software addition to the CM software and a touch probe. Currently the touch probe can be used independently to locate the x and y axis. if you added an option so that it could locate the x left and x right and then could easily calculate the center. you could even add a program so you ran the probing with the probe at the front left corner and the back right and it would easily find the true center of the material. It would take some software magic but would add functionality to the touch probe without additional hardware cost.


I will be holding @neilferreri’s beer while he does some of his G-code macro magic to implement this (not in CM though)


I guess you could but the way I understand it, it would only work for rectangular workpieces that are well cut. Any round or oval shape or any polygon however would not work. I wonder if the effort is worth it.

the auto find with placing the it on the corner would only work for rectangle work pieces but setting the sides with the touch probe could work will round objects if you flushed up the sides. Whether it would be worth it for the work, for me i would love it but im not sure.

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