Used wrong bit for flag stars

I accidently put in my 90 bit instead of my 60 bit, messed up the flag stars. Anyone have any idea how I might salvage the project?

I would just run it again maybe a .05 start depth or as much as a .1 start depth the 60 degree v bit will at keast sharpen up the points. You can always go deeper until u get the look u want but the 60 will definitely sharpen the points. All depending if it is still fastened to the spoilboard or u can realign your 0.

The 90 degree bit carved well outside the bounds of what the 60 would have cut. Running a 60 deeper per TonyMurray should be an improvement over what you have but it will still leave rounded points compared to a cut at correct depth. Since the 5 pointed star is a radial design from a common point, increasing the size of the stars, making a new tool path and recutting with the 60 should follow the existing carve just deeper. Unlike fudging the start depth, the points of the stars should become true points. However, I believe each star will have to increased in size, one at a time, to maintain the center of each star and I do not know if there is room between the stars to allow them to be increased in size sufficiently to fully remedy what you have. If you post your c2d file, I can look closer.


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Great idea, i will start enlarging the stars and give it a try. Sure can’t make anything worse. Thank you.