Useful Open designs for standard Size Shapeoko 3

Im trying to piece together a good list of Open source projects that fit on a standard size Shapeoko 3. Theres so much art, signs, coasters. Im struggling with useful stuff. Anyone got some ideas?

Tool organizers for screwdrivers, chisels, etc? Desk organizers?

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Id like this list to not include anything orientated to the shop. My goal here is to have a bunch of downloadable designs that are useful beyond shop aids , organizers , and boxes. Open desk has done a really good job but theres nothing that will fit on the standard Shapeoko 3 Size. So in a nutshell im seeking visually appealing designs to solve everyday problems that will fit on a 16x16 bed and are distributed freely. Eventually Id like to come up with a chair that can but cut and assembled with standard shapeoko constraints.

Haven’t specifically tried to address SO3 compatibility, but there’s a bit of a list at: