Using an Edge Finder - Did I get it right? (with video)

Hi Everyone,
I recently got a lovely new edge finder from C3D, and wanted to make sure I’m using it right on my Nomad 883. Still very much a beginner! I’m posting a video of the key moment, to verify for myself that I did it right, and hopefully to act as a reference for any future users.

Here’s what I did:

  1. moved the edge finder it so it was nearly touching the edge of the stock,
  2. turned on the spindle,
  3. advanced the edge finder .01mm at a time until it suddenly “went out of round” (not sure of the correct term)
  4. moved it back .01mm at a time until it snapped to being smooth again
  5. used that, minus the radius of the edge finder, as my zero for Y.
  6. repeated with the X axis.

Here’s a video of the key moment, when it goes from smooth to wobbly to smooth again. Did I get it right?

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Looks good, @MrHume.

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