Using an old laptop

I have an old laptop that only has 2gb RAM…although seems to run Win7 OK. I know its under recommended spec for CM but can anyone tell me if it will still be OK to use. I don’t want to fork out for a replacement just yet and its not worth buying more RAM for it as I will buy another 2nd hand one later.

I know it will run Linux fine as that is what I normally run but I don’t think CM will run under Linux.

Is it possible to use another gcode sender and run a Linux setup with anS3

Yes, you can use an G-Code sender which supports the version of Grbl you’re running.

Carbide Motion will probably run okay on your laptop though — can’t hurt to try.

I ran CM under win10 on a Kangaroo PC, 2GB, Atom, for quite a while. It works just fine.

Great…I’ll give it a try. Nothing to lose and if all else fails I have a couple of desktops that I can use until I can sort a decent 2nd hand laptop with a decent amount of RAM

I do have a bunch of old Medical Diagnostic workstations with dual CPUs and 16 GB RAM that I could use but they might be a tad overkill. They weigh a ton…probably heavier than the SO3!!!:thinking:

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