Using Carbide Create and Carbide Motion and CANNOT cut a circle

That’s it. A 3 inch circle. I’ve had my machine over a year and this has cropped up from time to time. I have no idea why it won’t complete a cut. Goes an inch or two and stops. I’ve tried:
running the program again
reloading the program
changing the speed or the depth…
rebooting the computer… thinking maybe BOOTING it is next.
Often, it will re-start… go a bit further and grind to a halt. This is crazymaking. I am not:
a machinist
keen to learn code.
I try to ask for assistance ONLY when I am set to pull out hair in frustration.
Anyone able to talk me off the precipice?

send an email to Nicholas Meastas:
He is very helpful!

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thank you sir! I’m going mad trying to do such a simple thing. Fingers crossed.

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