Using Fusion 360 to design PInewood Car

I am looking at Fusion 360 to generate a Pinewood Derby car. After doing the design work I am not sure how to get the g-code to Carbide Motion.
Most of the work I have been doing has been 2D and this is the first effort of making a 3D part.
Has anyone used Fusion 360 to make a part on their Shapeoko 3?

This is a pretty common workflow. Lots of us use Fusion regularly.

CM should have no problem with the gcode generated from Fusion. Make sure you use Carbide 3D’s post processor.

I’m guessing your real questions weren’t asked, but when you have them ready, ask away.

In the meantime:

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We have a basic page on this at: you’ll want to be sure to be using the new 414 version of Carbide Motion and a suitable post-processor and to set the min arc size to 4mm

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What is a post-processor?
Being new to this process, I am finding terms that I am not familiar with. Fusion 360 had a question on “Cloud Credits” I guess this is needed if you “render” the project. What is rendering?

Rendering isn’t something you’ll need to do. At it’s simplest, rendering is like making your model into a realistic image. Had nothing to do with actually making the part.

A post processor takes your toolpaths and writes gcode in a way your machine will understand. You’ll need to select one when you “post” your toolpaths.
Did you watch that video?

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Please see: Fixing GRBL's G2/G3 Arc Errors in Fusion360

For unfamiliar terms see:

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No—is the video on Fusion’s web site?

The one I shared in my original reply on this thread. Seemed to apply.

Oh Yes I did. Guess this really helps that I don’t have to worry about the “cloud” part.

The rending can take place in the Fusion software—I hope

You do not need to render anything.

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