Using lasers with Carbide Motion

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When one sets the zeroes in CM… what is it doing behind the scenes? Is it setting up WCS? G54? Or just remembering the offset itself?

I realize it persists across the machine being turned off so I’m curious how CM does it.

Need to figure it out as I’ll be adding a laser soon, so I need to determine the easiest way to have my laser (offset from spindle) line up when running the laser file, but not affecting the WCS of the machine in the case of a hard power off.

I don’t have an answer to your question, but I just wanted to mention that using LightBurn for the laser, I recently decided to buy the camera add-on and it is a game-changer as far as aligning, indexing, and even designing onto a work piece in real time.

2019 LightBurn Camera Demo

Note this is unsupported. I don’t have any answer on what is done in the background, just how to move forward. Home the machine figure out where the Center of the bit is, then fire a marking dot on the waste board. Measure the offset in X & Y. Apply soft limits in the other software to move only in that offset and set the origin in the other software by the offset.


Are you using other software?

I’d just use a G92 (temporary offset) or a different WCS (G55-G59)

I might use gSender for the laser part. Or if you meant on the PC for the paths… not sure on lightGRBL or Lightburn yet. Lightburn might have this offset feature built in and it spits out the gcode which is offset accordingly?

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