Using Shapeoko 3 to round over profile

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New to Shapeoko. Just wanted to know if there is a way to roundnover the edges of a say cutting board or tray on the shapeoko?


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Technically yes. The 2 methods I use are (1) a round over bit programmed using Carbide3D’s offset function OR (2) using a ball end mill and some quick trigonometry to calculate some offset and depth functions.

Novice level (2) No.


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It maybe easier to pull the router out, put the base on it (mine came with one) and cut the round over with a round over bit. I have modeled files in Fusion360 and brought them into V-Carve and used a ball end mill to do the round over but it is much easier to use a round over bit. I keep one loaded in one of my routers all the time.

A couple of options.

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(Josh Hartung) #4

I’ve been very successful using a 1/4" ball end cutter and a 3D contour operation in Fusion 360. Click the “machine shallow surfaces” toggle and decrease minimum step to 0.1mm. Be very sure your Z offset is correct to the work and the cutter should barely glaze the surface on the first pass. Along the same lines, be sure to surface your wasteboard first.

For production work, see if you can use a roundover bit on a statically mounted router with a top bearing as Bryan suggested. MUCH quicker.

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I used a round over bit (the kind without a bearing) and just ran “on” the profile at the correct depth:

I’ve also made special moulding paths in Vectric VCarve and used a ballnose on other projects.


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You can add a juice groove also…

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As mentioned above … one of these bits will work.

Roundover/Bead bit


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I am using one of these for round over.


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