Using small mill cutters

Hi, I would like the shapeoko 3 to undertake the following job in brass. I need to mark the position of 4 drill holes for 1.5mm bolts. What would be the best way to machine this, thanks

I think the ideal way is to Hole Mill it. Use a tool a bit smaller than the hole. (Let’s say a 1mm)
Select the 1.5mm circle, create a contour toolpath. Set the depth per cut on the tool to a number greater than the hole depth. Set the max depth on the toolpath. Turn on Ramping and set it to 3-5°.
The path will spiral (helix) all the way to the bottom of the hole, then make one pass at the hole depth.


If you must use a 1.5mm end mill, then use the Drill path, and Peck Drill it with very small pecks.

I wouldn’t recommend using a regular twist drill. Router speeds are way too fast for this type of tool.
There are “Mill Drill” tools made that are designed for faster speeds.

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Are you just marking the position and drilling off CNC? In that case, just use an engraving end mill to mark it and give your drill bit a start.

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