Using the Version of CM for older S3XXL

Could someone explain how to configure the machine. I launch CM and the version I’m using is for older machines, it requires I connect to the machine. I select settings and get a list of settings but have no clue how to change the settings or what the setting should be for a Shapeoko 3 XXL.

could you direct me to a source where I can learn how to change the settings, what the settings should be. Keep in mind this machine is over 6 years old, has the belt driven Z and what I believe is first gen GRBL.
Thank in advance.

Which version of Carbide Motion are you using?

Could you post screen grabs or a list of the options you’re getting?

If you have Grbl 0.9, then yes, you should be using Carbide Motion 3:

Did you install homing switches on your machine?

Is there a reason not to update to 1.1 and use a current version of Carbide Motion?

Initially I was trying to get back to where I started with the Shapeoko 3 XXL about 6 years ago. But frankly after a year in storage, my memory is fried. Currently GRBL is 0.9 is on the controller and I downloaded CM 3. But rather than fool with that I decided to download GRBL 1.1 and CM 5. What I need is:

  1. How to install the New GRBL
  2. How to modify either GRBL or CM so it knows I have a 3 XXL
  3. I have limit switches installed, is this synonymous with Homing switches, sorry for my ignorance.
    I think if I complete items 1 &2, I probably can handle it from there.

Will I find that information in one of the guides? I’ve tried to find YouTube videos but watching someone build the Shapeoko for 20 minutes and not getting the settings to set the machine size etc is driving me crazy.

Sorry I have the belt driven Z axis and use the Dewalt router and occasionally the Makita. I plan to use the Dewalt more since my new place will require a dust boot for the router and i got one for free for the Dewalt.

Please contact us at for the specifics on how to reflash the machine to 1.1

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