Using work offsets

Hi all - if you find yourself in a situation where you’re making many things out of long pieces of stock, there’s a way to cut multiple parts in the same cycle.

For instance, I’ve been making these surveyor lamps and selling them on Etsy. I can get two leg tips out of one 5"x28" piece of .75" stock (pretty common size). However, I’ve got six orders to fulfill. What I can do is clamp down several 5"x28"x.75" lengths of stock and use work offsets to move from stock to stock and cut them all in one sitting.

What’s nice is, I can pull six leg parts off the bed of the machine, reload, and cut them free, round them over on the router table, sand, etc, and the next six are ready to come off.

If this makes sense, and you use Fusion360 and CNCjs, head on over to Work offsets - YouTube

While I could hand edit the generated gcode from Carbide Create, I couldn’t figure out how to do this with any of the Carbide software directly (and in fact, the latest version of motion simply crashed my machine when using the rapid jog command so I gave up).

Hope this helps someone.

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