Using your CNC to gain Brownie Points!

Regardless of if you have (like me) a Nomad, or a full sized CNC, if you have a partner/friend/relative who is into small crafts, you can build up some serious brownie points with them by knocking out some quick stuff that they will find really useful.
At the moment, resin casting/art is hot on Youtube and Etsy. A lot of people buy flat shape blanks and put resin over them to make key rings, coasters, jewellery etc. You are in a position to create unique shapes as well as the standard hearts, circles an tag ones. A sheet of 1or 2mm perspex, or even thin plywood remnants can be used up to create lots of blanks. Cut them out, hand them over and leave someone else to have fun creating or even have a go yourself! I’ve also used the Nomad to cut out forms that enable me to wrap wire around to create bezels for pendants/earrings.