USPS Shipping option?

Just ordered some endmills and while the $13ish for shipping isn’t unreasonable, USPS small flatrate boxes are half that or less if I recall, and still offer tracking and such. Any chance of adding that as a shipping option to save everyone a few bucks and encourage ordering through C3D?


and they deliver on Saturdays!


Gonna bump this as I checkout with the small collet that would cost like $3-4 to ship USPS but $14 using UPS :stuck_out_tongue:


Please write in about this sort of thing to and we’ll see what can be done.

Fair enough, just sent in the suggestion

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Would also be handy for anyone purchasing from an APO/FPO (US military members stationed overseas).

FYI Crystal from customer service did get back to me and mentioned they’d had issues early on shipping with USPS which is why they no longer offer it as an option.

They should revisit USPS shipping. Flat rate and sub $6ish shipping on endmills would strengthen their sales. I can appreciate having to deal with issues in the past, but if sales outweigh them in the future…

I’ve been tempted a handful of times to purchase some of the new Zrn endmills, but the shipping is nearly half the price of one endmill. I’ve gone out of my way to purchase comparable units elsewhere just to save a few bucks here and there (as it adds up). It seems they have a lot of accessories trickling out as of late and it would be great to no-brainer purchase instead of having second thoughts during checkout. It would be hard to imagine I’m the only one…

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Yeah try shipping to Canada, it is terrible, the price plus shipping, duties, brokerage fees. I was told USPS was not an option because they were using Shopify.

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USPS is still unreliable for us so we’re focusing on getting pricing down for UPS and Fedex. Hopefully we’ll see another drop in pricing before too long.


Bummer, (reliability that is).

Good to know you’re working on pricing.

I ship around 3,000 packages a year through USPS (globally) some are first class and some are priority mail. I only have an average of 1 packages a year that never make it to their destination. Now another 20 or so are late anywhere from a day to a week. Overall for the price it’s a no brainer especially on items under a pound.

Oh and international is crazy through anybody but USPS. An example a gallon of epoxy (12lbs packed) ships for around $85 to Australia but UPS is closer to $395.00 for the same package.


It would honestly be awesome if Carbide3d had at least their end mills fulfilled by Amazon. I’d like to try some of their new o-flute mills but high shipping cost is something I cant justify :confused: ohh well, maybe one day

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that is exactly where I’m at on this @tmorris9 and @BartK

I’d like to repeatedly spend money on their small goods, but on such small order it eats into the total price by too much. Speculating that there are tons of us out there with the same mentality as a whole it is a huge loss. :thinking:

Its a bummer too, cause I’m 30 miles out from them, but can’t make it during business hours for will call if such a thing existed. :thinking:

I just paid US$92 postage to get a HDZ sent to Australia… yet I can get a 40lbs 3’x2’x1’ Co2 laser sent from china for nothing!

The rules on postal rates are offset somewhat based on cost of living, and the Chinese government subsidizes them.


I do a lot of my shopping online. Whenever I can I use Amazon Prime, but I’ve noticed on some things their prices are higher which “sometimes” offsets what I save in shipping, but they’re still usually faster. Here in the US you also have to be careful about free Chinese shipping, in my laser forums I’ve been seeing folks take a beating on tariffs, broker fees, and the additional shipping cost from the port of entry. Large freight from China free shipping is sometimes only to a sea port like Long Beach and everything from the ship to your location is upto the buyer to figure out (I’ve seen $300+ additional in some cases). When I bought my Chinese laser from a vendor in the US the shipping was free, but I paid a required $175 in residential liftgate delivery, no way to opt out. Having said all that I don’t see why 100 end mills couldn’t go in a priority mail flat rate box, but I don’t work for C3D and don’t know the issues they’ve had in the past with USPS. It’s a “take it or leave it” proposition, and unfortunately shipping cost are something we just have to suck up as consumers. I’ve got a friend who is close to retirement, he’s got a farm he plans to work full time once the 9-5 is over. He tries to grow or make anything he needs, no shipping involved, I envy that concept, but I’m not quite there;)



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