UT Bottle Opener

This is my first post, but have been following the community for about a month. Had my Shapeoko XL almost 3 months and always learning and pushing myself to something I had 0 knowledge of in 2019.

I made some bottle openers for some friends to test out different techniques. I’m moving into inlays now and this was my first attempt, hence the not so perfect look.


Hi @kodyDOTweigand,

Welcome ! That’s a great piece, looks sharp & clean to me.
If you want to try inlays, you will want to try V-bits, and there is a great tutorial here:

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Your “Bevo” could be an inlay. All you have to do is cut the “female” side into the base board and glue that guy into it. Pooff! There’s your inlay! You’ll have to use a small diameter bit to get into the points and do some trimming on the horns, but it will work. Run a leveling cut over the top to trim off what sticks out, and you’re done.

Inlays don’t have to use a V-bit, but do as Julien recommends. They will look so much better, and all the little edge details will be there.

Your piece reminded me of going up to TAMU to work and they had signs on the highway and at the University of “Saw them off”. There is a great rivalry between UT and TAMU. For those that are not familiar with UT their mascot is a Texas Longhorn.