V Bit Carving/ Program & Fonts

I’m very new to CNC and still learning and getting used to it. Is there a special program for V Bit Carving & Is there a website where I can download fonts that’s compatible with CC?
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Mahalo🤙🏽

Carbide Create does VCarving just fine… (and there are many others)

Most fonts work, but in reality, fonts with super thin details end up being more sensitive to “wood issues” (think tear out)

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For V carving in Carbide Create please see:

Note that recent versions add depth limiting and a pocket clearing option (for folks w/ a BitSetter or willing to use a tool such as @fenrus’s nifty one for splitting files).

Carbide Create uses the fonts installed on your computer OS which are made available to it — there’s an alternate way to install them so that they are only in CC if desired. A usual suggestion for fonts is:

Thank you so much for your feed back.

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