V-bit feeds and speeds poll

@luc.onthego pointed out recently that we still don’t have a good guide for selecting feeds and speeds specifically for V-bits / V-carving. Earlier discussions aimed at figuring out what the principles should be (based on Vbit geometry, and the many other parameters at play) led nowhere really, so I guess if the theoretical approach doesn’t cut it, we could instead go around the table and ask everyone what feeds and speeds they are using and identify a rule of thumb from that crowd-sourced data ?

If you are game, could you please post examples of settings that got you successful V carvings, in the following format ?

  • material
  • V-bit description [angle / number of flutes / max diameter / flat or pointy tip
  • RPM (or router type & speed dial setting)
  • feedrate
  • plunge rate
  • depth per pass
  • ideally, approximate max depth of V cuts

I’ll start, with the settings I used for carving the Aztec calendar a while back:

  • MDF
  • V-bit 90° / 2 flutes (Carbide 3D’s #301) / 0.5" / pointy
  • 15000RPM
  • feedrate 1000mm/min (39.4ipm)
  • plunge 350mm/min (13.8ipm)
  • depth per pass = max depth = 6mm / .24"

#302 60° V BIT
.225 DPP
#2 - 2 1/2 MAKITA

I could probably speed this up but haven’t. Comes out clean.

Few sections I don’t love but overall not bad. Need to adjust some lines.


Here is another data point. I just produced a Goudy letter in MDF using the 302 - 60deg Vbit.

RPM 17000
FR 80 ipm
Plunge 30 ipm
Max depth 0.2in
giving me a 0.0024 chipload

No tear, good quality cut.

I guess I’m somewhere between Julien and Michael.


I don’t think you can calculate chipload that easily on a V-bit. The chipload at the tip would be much higher.

Yeah I had made that comment before but that chipload was calculated by VCarve and decided to report it. It may not be a perfect number but unless we have some other way to calculate, it gives a common reference, maybe not accurate but common.


[just a call for some more examples of your V-bit settings please ! It would be great to have a few examples for hard wood]

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