V-Bit Help with detail work

Hello, I was wondering what bits I can use for this project. The wife wants me to make some coasters with some complex designs. I feel like the 90deg is too big for this project. Not sure if anyone uses smaller bits for more detail. A bit confused on what bit I could use.

  • Recommended bit angle for a given text size:
    • <1" 45–60°
    • 1–2" 60°
    • 2–4" 60–90°
    • 4–6" 90°
    • 6–10" 90 to 120°
    • greater than 10" 120° or greater
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I personally use a 90 deg, 60 deg with 1/4 in shaft and I have several 20 deg with .125 shaft for those really skinny lines or engraving.

All depends on your project is my opinion
If you do not set a depth then the lesser the degree of the v bit will cut deeper
Let’s day a 90 degree will go 1/4” depth
A 60 degree with go deeper
As I can not see what you are carving I can’t give you my limited experience

That’s a great start point but does not take into account how wide that txt is, some txt once converted to curves can be wide so a cut depth needs to be set ortherwise it will cut deep based on the Vbit angle

That is easily checked for by drawing in the endmill in profile and comparing it to the text in question.

Once converted to curves it no longer is txt tho so would now become a pocket cut to a degree ?
If cut as a Vcarve then it would cut deeper depending on how wide the txt/ vectors are
Unless you set a depth cut
That’s my understanding

I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

A V carving should work the same whether the text is text, or if it has been convert to curves.

Naturally if the text elements are so wide relative to the V endmill that the V endmill won’t be able to cut to the full width of the widest strokes of the letterforms one would not be able to use a standard V carving and would need to either adjust the geometry or switch to Advanced V carving.

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