V-bit leaving behind fuzzies

Hey guys. I’m doing 1mm deep engraving with a brand new 60 degree V-bit in birch wood. The bit is leaving behind fuzzies in the channels and I can’t get in there to sand them away. Any idea why that’s happening and what I can do to prevent it? Thanks!

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I’ve just started getting into v carving and having the same issues. A couple forum members recommended using a brush with stiff nylon bristles to help clear out some of the fuzzies and that helped a lot. Another trick is to try using advance vcarving instead which often results in a cleaner cut

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I’ll try that wire brush trick. Thanks!

Make sure your brush is clean. You can add oil and dirt to the carving with a dirty brush. I also suggest as Chris did to use a nylon stiff brush. You will need a nylon brush in the future and you can keep near the machine. I also have some of the 3m rectangular medium sanding blocks that I use to remove fuzzies on the top of the work. Both tools are handy.

If you have not removed the material from the Shapeoko run the job, or at least the vcarve part again. that takes away a lot of the fuzzies.

There is a 3rd party application here on the site that breaks down advanced vcarving in two separate gcode files. Just cannot remember who that is. So you could use the github site to split just the vcarving part out and ran that again to speed up the carving and no do the end mill part again.


@Ryan1501 I find two things help me. Re-running the V at the final depth does a fabulous job cleaning up fuzzies. Also, an exact knife and a 320 grit wheel do the job, it takes longer and involves more sweating than re-running a cleanup pass.

uxcell Nylon Wheel Brush 320… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P2XQ2TF?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
Is the one I picked up.

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I have not used those brushes in my Dremel but similar that are like sponges. They got ate up quickly and rather expensive to use. How long do those Nylon Wheel Brushes last.

These are for the drill and came in a two pack. I have only used them light but no apparent wear so far. There a little over 3” In diameter, not dremel sized. :+1:t3:

Oh, one other thing you can try is to cover your stock in painters tape prior to cutting. I’ve done this a few times and it does help minimize the fuzzies.

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They make them in dremel size too I have both sizes

The bit in the link below will solve your problems. I was having the same issue and ran across Cadence. You won’t receive better customer service anywhere.


Thanks for all the advice guys! I’ll test out your suggestions to see what works best for me.

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