V-Bits for Engraving.....in Europe

Hello There!

Dario from Italy here :slight_smile:
I own a Shapeoko XXL, DeWalt Router , Aspire - Motion softwares.

I built cool stuffs with square bits and i have no problem with them… not the same with V-Bits :frowning:
I’m getting mad with them especially for small engraves

First: I’m very confused about buying them… i have some Bosch V-Bits 90° that i use for big works and it is ok…almost…but for small parts like 3cm x3cm keyholder i have tried with Dremel bits 118 (D:3,2 - 30°) and the result is awful …really a mess!

any suggestion to where buy precision V-Bits in Europe?

I Bought some bits from USA but as you can imagine with tax and customs the price enlarges :frowning:

Thanks in advance

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We list a few vendors for endmills in Europe: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Vendors#Europe

and a few of the brand recommendations are in Europe: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Endmills#Specific_Bit_and_Brand_Recommendations

Thanks William

I saw that list before…just was unable to find it again! :smiley:

The fact is that there are tons of infos about this “world” and it is not easy to find the way at first! :slight_smile:

What do you think about these:


To engrave softwoods plywood and pine mostly

I’ve already found CMT bits that are italians so it is less expansive for the sipping to me …you know i don’t wanna pay 40€ shipping to try 1 or 2 bits that i’m not sure they fits my needs :slight_smile:


My pleasure! That’s a big part of why I work on the wiki — the (sort of) structured text makes finding stuff again a bit easier — yeah, I treat it as my personal notebook (at least I set aside one page for truly personal / specific things).

Those all look good, if one has collets which will accommodate them and projects which they’re suited for — please let us know how they work out and we’ll add them to the list.

Endmills have to be considered consumables, esp. if one doesn’t have facilities for resharpening — I’ve often suggested that we should work up some sort of collection system so that we can get them all recycled if nothing else — I’ve almost got a box full of broken ones, though sometimes I’ll recycle them for hinges, punches, &c. (but I grew up on stories of what it was like for the family during the Great Depression, and have that mindset)

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Me too.
I used to build roto molds big enough to do 5’WX10’LX2’ Deep, boat docks. Built a 13’long jet ski lift mold.
All the welds on the inside were hand ground with a die grinder, using 1/4" shanked burr bits, for a radiused corner.
I now have a 2’ square box full of used carbide burr bits to reuse on some wood, sometime :slight_smile:
I dont work there anymore, but I still have the box of “trash” they gave me.

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Yeah, at my first job out of college they used to pitch the old used X-acto knife blades — ~40 lbs. a year or so — when I mentioned that we could recycle them everyone was surprised (apparently they’d been going into the trash, which I thought was a bit scary).

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