V bits .. newbie questions

I was gifted a router recently… looks similar to the shapario (sp).

Anyway… it comes with a set of V bits that I am trying to use in CC.

The box has the following on the label.

3.175 20 0.1

I read this as diameter(mm), included angle and tip size.

I created a tool in CC and am struggling with some settings.
The tool has a 15 mm flute depth, but I cannot see how to change that. It says 12.7 on the tool. Also cannot find the number of flutes…

Also … can somebody give me some suggestions for the 2d and 3d parameters. Feed rate etc for a piece of planking wood…



Be very careful with mystery bits. I did not see where you are located but if you have metric bits you cannot use them with 1/4 and/or 1/8 collets and likewise you cannot use imperial bits with metric collets. So be careful to measure the shank sizes and use the proper collets. Hopefully others can advise you on the use of the bits you have. Remember 6MM and 1/4 inch shanks are not the same thing although close.

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I don’t have too much experience, so handle this suggestion with care:

For V-bits I calculate the initial speeds and feeds based on the average diameter.
E.g., a 90° bit that cuts 2 mm deep will cut 4 mm wide and I’ll assume a 2 mm diameter of the bit (average of 0 (the tip) and 4).
The actual feeds and speeds then depend on the number of flutes and stock material ect.


Flute length is no longer entered directly since it is no longer used (you an go in and edit the underlying CSV to add it though — there’s a column for it in the raw data).

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