V Carve Issue with punching holes and jagged lines

Hi all! I tried several Facebook groups to get answers but kind of fizzled out. I’ve tried several different things but can’t quite figure out this v carve situation.

I did an advanced v carve for this job with 1/16” down cut and a 60° bit. The depth was .125 and its was cutting around letters and messing everything up. See the letters for example.

So I adjusted down to .08 for the next test but I still get the v bit punching holes in the corners of everything. Letters/logos can be 2-4” tall and I still get it. Am I doing the wrong fonts? I see people using v carved on similar fonts all the time so I’m hesitant to think that’s it.

This is of the second test with the v bit just punching random holes in the edges of the logo.

Have you done this successfully before with this bit and Advanced V-Carve, or is this the first attempt?

Confirming your bit geometry might be a good thing to check, but I would also say post your *.c2d file if you can for a second set of eyes. You can zip it if it’s too large.

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You can also link to Google Drive if your file is too big.