V-Carve Toolpath in 1 pass only...No finishing

When select my max depth and select same max for both bits in advanced v-carve, is a finishing pass always automatic?

I noticed on my last job the v-bit was making 2 passes when It should have only been 1.
My bad, I left the depth on the tool at 0.100, and it needed to go to 0.120.

However, setting both the depth on the tool, and the max depth on the toolpath to 0.120, it still makes 2 identical passes. If I change the depth on the tool to 0.121, now it only makes one pass. ??
So for a single pass make the depth on the tool anything larger than the max depth, or the deepest the tool needs to go.

You are likely just running into extremely small rounding errors - the final path is actually making an extremely small cut.

As you’ve found, the solution is to make the tool DOC slightly larger than the path DOC.

This is also applicable for anytime where the path DOC is an even multiple of the tool DOC, for example path is 0.300" and the tool is 0.100". You would expect 3 passes, but you might get 4. To fix that, you can either make the tool DOC slightly larger (e.g., 0.101"), or make the path DOC slightly smaller (e.g., 0.299").

This is an unavoidable problem - the computers are ultimately binary, and many numbers that we consider nice and round (for example, 0.100"), are NOT so round in binary - in binary, it’s an infinitely repeating expansion, much like 1/3 is in decimal.


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