V-Carve weird behavior when scaling or moving paths


I am attempting to scale/move all the paths in my design with V-Carve paths. Before the alteration, the V-Carve paths are calculated and simulated properly. However, a simple scaling or moving operation of a group of paths screws up one or more V-Carve paths.

The first image is before the scaling operation:

The second image is after selecting all paths (Ctrl-A) and scaling the height to 6.75 inches. One path becomes a volcano crater!

I’ve had this issue come up in several situations where I’m doing simple moving and scaling, usually with groups of paths. This happens with both the 290 build and the latest 300 build.

I’ve attached a simplified version of my design before the scaling operation. To recreate the problem:

  • Ctrl-A to select all paths in Design Mode

  • Choose Scale tool and adjust height to 6.75 inches

  • Switch to Toolpath Mode to see the result

test1.c2d (52.6 KB)

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