V carved image on the inside bottom of box

I was trying to do a project without resetting my zeroed z axis to the depth of the inside of a box. I had set the zeroed z to the top of stock but when it got to the vcarving design on the bottom inside of the box it would retract all the way up and out of the box and then go back down do a little more and so on. It took 5 times longer to get that carve done. The next box I did I just disabled the vcarve toolpath and ran the carving of the box and went back and disable all the other toolpaths and enable the vcarve one. Reset the zeroed z depth to the bottom (inside) of the box and then ran the program. Seemed like I should have been able to set something up differently but I couldn’t think of how. Maybe set the zeroed z to the bottom of the stock? I didn’t try it but would that work?

Probably wouldn’t work as one job no matter what you do. It’s going that high up because that’s where the retract height is, and a job can one have one retract height.

So doing it as two jobs would work, EXCEPT make sure it doesn’t plow into the side of the pocket at the beginning of the job - make sure the bit is high enough to clear things before the job starts.


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