V Path on Relatively Complex SXF File

I am dealing with a fairly crude bitmap which is the logo for our oldish town which requires me to suck it into AI to do a trace on it to clean up the details before doing a path calculation. I export as sxf and then try to use Create to do the path. Even though I can select the vectors using a selection box the Path function only calculates a path for the outer circle of the logo. I can’t get it pay attention to all the details in the middle.

I ended up having to use photoshop to turn the sketch back into a (much cleaner) .bmp and then reading it into F-engrave for pathing.

Would like to get Create to do the pathing but I can’t find the trick to get it to deal with a complex set of vectors.

This gets discussed some here:


(which is from: Help with vCarving a sign )

Basically, one has to select only outer (and possibly one set of inner) paths at a time.