V7 Pro - calulations

While I’m sitting here with nothing better to do than watch my turtles be carved, I have been loading and reloading multiple CNC files to review and/or change settings for whatever reason.

The challenge I’m having with some of the work is when a file is opened, the program recalculates all the tool paths, which at times can take a few mins. Nothing has changed since the last time the program was loaded so why the recalculates?

Also wondering why, if you go look at some of the tool settings in the existing loaded file, and you click on cancel having made no changes, the tool paths recalculates anyway…taking time.

When I’m just loading a file to check what my setting are for it, and having to go through various files, the re-cal does seem to hold up reviews.

I’m sure there is a good reason, but just wondering if it might be something to able to change in future versions?


On the flip side, there probably complaints about changes not being saved by the program, and it was determined that they were not hitting the re–calculate button. So now it’s automatic.

Just my guess.

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One thing that definitely could change is how Disabled toolpaths are handled. Right now they are re-calculated.

It’s disabled! You don’t have to calculate a toolpath for it until it’s enabled again!

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