Vaccum enclosure in progress

After observing that my Shapeoko xxl enclosure works perfectly , I was so sad to see all my décibels benefit ruined by my industrial vaccum … so I decided to make not a simple enclosure for my vaccum but made my own! Work is in progress , let you free to give your advice to make it better!

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Any concerns about it overheating? I always worry about my vac burning up on long carves and that is with it out in the open. I would love to deaden the sound somehow (it is easily the loudest part of the setup) but know it would fail if I put it in a padded box like that (even if properly venting the exhaust, the motor gets rather warm).
…however, I am using a 6.5hp 16 gallon Craftsman attached to a dust deputy and not an industrial unit, so I am guessing that yours may be a bit more robust than mine.

I have two Rigid brand shop vacs that I originally intended for use with a Dust Deputy and my XXL. They both worked ok, but both were loud. Second one, I think it’s a 16 gallon, that I bought specifically for my XXL lost its bearings about an hour and a half into a cut when it was nearly brand new. It still works, but it makes a really shrill noise. Shop vacs are just not made for continuous use like we use them for. Good for vacuuming up after work, or cleaning your car, but those are typically 10-30 minute runs. In the end I bought a Fein Turbo 1. $259 off Amazon I think, but it runs for hours no problem and it’s quiet even without an enclosure. Should have bought it in the first place, would have saved me some headaches. Big trash is next week in my neighborhood, both Rigid vacs will be waiting for the trash man.


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