Vacuum Hose and Sweepy Boot questions

So I have the hose hooked up but I am wondering if I should eliminate one of the 45 degree pipes.

I am also wondering how to deal with the hose running across the machine like it is will it impede the movement of the machine ?

And finally can the boot be used off to one side or does it need to be straight out in front of the spindle or will swing side to side depending on the position of the spindle? I ask because my bottom enclosure door magnets are in the way. I didn’t realize this was an issue until during the final glue up of the enclosure today when I was double checking clearance.

Yes the sweepy can be turned to an angle that suits your needs. Remember, if the machine comes to the edge you have it clocked to, it may hit the rails.

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I had an xl that I have since sold. I created a boom that could move but did not have to. I used Peachtree flexible dust collection hose. Though you have an enclosure maybe you should move your hose to the center top rather than dragging the dust collection hose around. If you get up towards the rear of the machine the hose may get caught and make you lose steps.

On my XXL I cut a piece of plastic to hold my dust collection hose and made sure I had enough slack to go completely down to the spoil board. Again I used the Peachtree flexible hose.

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So I started testing the movement more and discovered having the two 45’s was causing the hose to kink on itself at the furthest position back.

I eliminated one of the 45’s and that resolved that issue, I have tested it going to each corner and now the hose does not kink

The thing that I wish I had was a mount that goes on top of the Z axis stepper that would hold the vacuum hose. I don’t have a 3d printer so I have no way to make that but if I could bring it up and over that would be perfect.

Unfortunately I cannot bring the hose in from the center top as there is not enough clearance between the top of the enclosure and the air filtration system hanging directly over the enclosure. I have to bring it in from the back of the enclosure.

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I used a bungee cord for awhile affixed to the top of my enclosure to hold the hose up. Allowed for the hose to move around a little when needed but also kept it above tge machine where i wanted it until i got around to making a hole in the top center.

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I purchased a swivel vacuum hose attachment and hooked it to my sweepy boot. Moved the vacuum hose to center of enclosure and works great so far.

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What vacuum are you using? I have a Ridgid 14-gallon unit with a Ridgid separator and it is sucking the bucket into itself.

I searched for a Ridgid dust separator and could not find one. If your bucket is being collapsed can you find a bucket the same size and replace it. I have a 6" Onieda cyclone separator with a fiber 10 gallon bucket and a Jet 1100 CFM dust collector. The fiber bucket is rigid enough to not collapse. Since I cannot see what you have maybe a 5 gallon paint bucket or 7 gallon bucket would work. The bigger the bucket the better. Even my Onieda sucks dust into Jet bag when it gets more then 2/3 full. So if I see dust collecting in the Jet bag I know it is time to empty the bucket.

What ever bucket you use empty it often to keep your efficiency up. Plug up any leaks because cyclonic separators loose efficiency if there are any air leaks at hoses or the bucket seal.

Have you considered using a Dustopper?

It seems well-regarded, and is quite an affordable option.

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