Vacuums burning out?

Can shop vacs be ran for hours at a time without risk of burning them out?
I’m trying to get the rest of my setup in order while waiting for my S03 to arrive and starting to wonder if my 16 gallon 6.5hp Craftsman vac will be up to the job if I have to keep it running for 8 hours at a time…

Most shop vacs are not meant for continuous run-times. I believe Festool has one that is rumored to have the ability. A true dust collector is better suited for long jobs.

Thanks. I suspected as much, but kept seeing Shapeoko users with shop vacs attached to their machine and thought I may get away with one less purchase. lol

I have a lot of hours on my Craftsman shop vacs. They do wear out, but they will run for a long time, even continuously.

I would consider them a consumable, but with a long life. I have taken them apart and oiled the bearings in the past, but it probably isn’t worth doing considering they are about $99 on sale.

I have a dust collector that I use on my woodworking tools, but I still use the shop vac with a Dust Deputy for my Shapeoko. I should see if my dust collector does a better or worse job, I do have the reducer I need…

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I have run Rigid shop vacs for 30+ days 24/7, cycling them 9 minutes on, 1 minute off… I’m certain your Caftsman will be up for the job. Getting your Dust Shoe and Cyclone setup should be part of your prep.