Valentine and Easter Projects

Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland was in the workshop the other day and also working in the house. These are simple CNC projects. The hearts are about 11 1/2" high, the bunnies are about 22" high. The Bean drew a Valentine-o-Lantern and a “twirling” bunny on another heart. She decided that one bunny needed a tiara as that bunny is a princess (Princess Purple). Since grandpa wears glasses I think I got painted pink in this on (Prince Pink?). Both have Easter baskets with eggs.

Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland painted several of the hearts and bunnies first coats. The workshop was a bit cool and her broken left arm was bothering her just a bit. She recovered pretty quickly.

Simple CNC projects that simply make my time in the shop worthwhile. The smile is unbeatable.