Vcarve Cutting Weird Designs

Share the original file. It’s probably the vector…not your v-carve settings.

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Original file? Sorry, I’m a newb…

Did you design that in V-carve?
I assumed it was an image brought in.

Ya, it’s all my design. Did it in Vcarve pro.

In that case, export a PDF or SVG from VCarve and post it here and we’ll see what can be puzzled out.

BB Brewing.pdf (330.3 KB)

Does this work?

I imported it into VCarve Pro 9.5. Lots of open vectors, so much cleanup needed. I’ll see what I can do.


Here it is with all of the open vectors closed. Let me know if you want the .crv file.


Sweet, thank you! I’d love to have the .crv. Was that the problem, too many open vectors?

As @dtilton71 noted, that’s a pretty rough file with a lot of open paths.

Illustrator got hopelessly confused on closing the paths, and I got stared on fixing it in Freehand, but the file is so rough it’d be better to just re-draw.

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I might have to try again. Thank you for trying!

Yes, too many open vectors. I clicked Edit, Selection, Select All Open Vectors. Once the pen vectors were selected, I used the Join - Join Open Vectors tool under Edit Objects. That closed all of the open vectors. Then I was able to select all and run a vcarve toolpath using a.5" 90 degree vbit. Crv file is attached as a zip so I could upload it. Just make sure you adjust for the (1.4 MB)
oper material size.


Nice, thank you again! I appreciate you telling me your process, I learned something new! I’ll have to fiddle around with it later…

Did you have just the one tool path in v-carve for the whole thing? A little FYI about v-carve… It sometimes has issues with multiple objects in a single v-bit tool path. I’ve run in to this problem before, and I ran into it with the project I’m working on right now. When I selected all 4 of the objects I wanted to v-carve it gave me really weird shapes. When I created 4 separate tool paths, one for each object, it worked fine. The vectors themselves were not the problem, it was the program itself.

This is the project I did, and the middle line of purple text had spirals around the start of the line, and a diamond shape around the end. No reason for it that I can see as it worked fine when selected individually.


Yes, I usually run one tool path for my v-carving. That actually makes a lot of sense and I think you are spot on! I’ll try using separate tool paths and I think it will solve my problem. Thanks!

I had the same problem with small items to V-Carve. In our group meetings we put problems before the group and the answer for mine came back that I should be selecting a PROFILE tool path, but still use a V-bit. With the profile selection you can control the DEPTH that you want to cut. I still haven’t gone out to do mine however all of those old dudes swear it will work - including the guy who used to teach CNC!

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Interesting idea, I’ll have to try it out!

I probably should have explained that this is for very tight areas to get to with your V-carving bit and holding a good depth of cut. I was told to make sure to do the carving ON THE LINE.

The purple line around the outside of the pocket, and the chamfers along the edge of the sign and both edges of the “frame” are all profile cuts on the line with a v-bit. One tip for doing chamfers… create a line just outside or inside, as the case may be, along the edge of the thing you want to chamfer, about 0.03" from the edge. Then set your depth to about 0.08". This will result in a very nice chamfer. If you do your chamfer on the same line as your cutout, the very point of the v-bit will be on the vertical edge, resulting in a little fringe that you have to sand off.


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