Vcarve problems

I am trying to vcarve some letters out but my 60* vbit it cutting way too deep…while trying to fix this I accidentally ran that same vcarve path with my 1/8” endmill and it cut the letters perfectly!? I will be back filling the letters with epoxy so carve appearance is mute other than contour and depth…the 1/8” EM wont cut the tips/ends of the letters as they taper off in a regular contour pattern…just wondering if this is ok to do or any suggestions? I am away from my files but I can post tomorrow. Thx!

V carving can produce an interesting appearance when done with other endmills.

You can preview it with CAMotics.

Another option is F-Engrave which has specific support for using for example a ball-nosed endmill to cut letterforms.

Vcarve only cuts between two “lines.” Does the font you are using allow a Vcarve?

What happens if you Vcarve with a 90* vbit?

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Here are a few things you can try.

You can use a V bit to cut a contour at a predetermined depth, probably inside your line would have a consistent width and depth and you can also pocket the inside of the letters to the same depth with a small flat endmill.

What software are you using? Can you post a pic of your vectors and the result you got?

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