VCarve Slow Lately

Ever since the latest Build 303, VCarve seems to be running extremely slow. What was once a fast means of engraving is now taking nearly as much time as doing a pocket cut for lettering. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m only engraving about a 1" x 1" section in metal with less than 3mm height letters. It’s taking over an hour. Something’s different now.

Please compare the toolpath settings — how are the speeds if you manually apply them from the table?

I have a Nomad. Is there something I can try to it?

For the Nomad, use the settings from its chart — if they’re faster than what CC is providing. If not, make test cuts and gradually increase speed and depth of cut until you get something reasonably fast and which still provides reasonable quality.

If you’re inclined to purchase software you might want to consider Vectric Vcarve — it uses G2/G3 arcs when doing CAM, resulting in smoother motion / cutting and as the saying goes, “smooth is fast” — I believe their paths may also be more efficient.