VCarve Toolpath

Can someone please help me with why there is no toolpath on the N?

Hey Lisa! Welcome!

Would you be able to post the file, is that in Carbide Create?

Which end mill are you using?

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Can you let me know how to post the file? I’m very new to this!

I am using a 90 degree v bit and the #201 bit

No problem… in the reply box, there’s an icon that looks like a hard disk drive with an arrow pointing up (see picture below)

From there just find the location on your computer to locate the destination where you save your Carbide Create file usually a .c2d extension.

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Chelsea.c2d (808.7 KB)
Can you see the file?

Yes - let’s take a look see.

I wasn’t quite done with it! So if there is something out of sorts just let me know! Thanks!

I am not seeing a problem in the file:

but I don’t have the font in question, so the problem would seem to be a technical issue w/ the font.

Please try converting it to paths:

and see if that addresses things — if it doesn’t, repost the file after saving it after converting the type to paths and we’ll sort it out w/ you.

It’s definitely something in the font…
I had the same issue with a toolpath not being generated in the “N”.
I redrew it with nodes to see if it would make a difference and it does which confirms that it’s the original font.

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Ok thank you so much! I really appreciate your time and help!!!

Oh my goodness! I got it to work by changing the size! I am learning as I go here. This was only my second hiccup, so far so good!


Oh good! You know, my first guess was going to be too small for the tool but it looked like the other letters were roughly the same size.

There’s a section where the lines at the bottom bend of the N does a weird loop thing haha… maybe that made it too small. Anywho, glad you were able to apply an easy fix.

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