Vcarving Aluminum with a 501 Engraver?

I want to paly around with engraving small text, .25" tall or so, on aluminum sheet using a few of the 501 pcb engravers that have been sitting here unused since i bought my pro xl. I don’t have carbide create pro with the engraving option so i was thinking of using just a regular v carve tool path. Should that work well enough?

V-Carve, even at a very shallow depth is going to give you marks in the corners.


Perhaps Advanced V-Carve with a clearing tool that won’t fit anywhere turned on to make the vee tool do the clearing. And also set to a very shallow depth…

ahh, I didn’t think of trying that. The normal v carve CC simulations looked a little funky but using your advanced v carve suggestion looks a lot better. Thanks for the tip!

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The thing is, the #501 and #502 engravers are defined as Engraving tools in Carbide Create, not as V endmills, and Carbide Create does not take into account their rounded tips.

That makes sense. I think ill start with Tod’s advanced vcarve suggestion and see how it goes. Just out of curiosity, can the 301 and 302’s be used for aluminum, or are they wood/plastic only?

Most (all?) V endmills with sharp tips cannot be used in metal — the tip is too fragile.

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