Vectric Cut2D support?

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I’m contemplating ordering a Nomad but before I do I’d like to know whether or not it supports standard gcode from Cut2D. On a slightly different note, due to the long wait-times, is it possible to make bi-weekly / monthly payments while waiting? At least that’d soften the blow.

Eagerly awaiting your response… Thanks!


The Nomad uses Grbl which supports it fine.


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There are Vectric post processors for the Nomad available - one of the forum members coded it up.

@WillAdams points to them.

Carbide3D is working on Carbide Create. It will do what Cut2D does and more.


Thanks for the reply everyone! I was told there was custom creator software for the Nomad as well. How does it compare to Cut2D and is there a demo available?


Few if us have seen Carbide Create - it’s still in private beta test.

From the bits and pieces I have seen I would expect that Carbide Create will be a bit more than Cut2D and less than VCarvePro - but cannot say for sure.

You can look here:

scroll down a bit and there is a video.

Perhaps someone who has been participating the closed beta can speak up?


Nascent page on Carbide Create here:

Currently it’s in private beta. I’ve asked for guidelines on what can be shared.


CAM packages - and combined CAD/CAM packages like the Vectric packages - do not emit the G code directly. They convert (or map) their internal, high level machining commands to the commands (G codes) specific to a CNC machine via a “post processor”.

The use of a “post processor” allows the CAM package to easily adapt to just about any CNC machine. There is no limit to the number of CNC machines they can handle.

The “post processor” is written for a specific machine or class of machines. In general, they are not hard to write or maintain… but they do require a fair amount of knowledge of CAM, machining, and G code. They are generally quite small.

As @WillAdams said, the Nomad uses GRBL. Many CAM packages will already have a post processor for GRBL by now; those that don’t can have one “whomped up” quickly. Increasing numbers of packages have or will have Nomad specific post processors.

Certainly one wants to avoid the work of writing or having written for them a post processor so choosing a CAM package will involve seeing what post processors are already available. That said, if the package suits one perfectly, a post processor development isn’t that hard…

As someone who has written more than a fair share of post processors - for diverse CNC machines - I can say that the Nomad is a pretty run of the mill (pun intended), easy to develop for CNC machine.


I do a lot of 2d cutting and I have found the best (and most affordable) option is Vetric Cut2d. I guess what you hope to accomplish with the nomad will determine what program will work best… But if it’s simple 2d stuff, I’m more than happy with Cut2d :smile:

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I’ve heavily used the Vectric stuff - VCarvePro in particular - and agree with @Darren. It’s really good stuff for 2.5D. That said, I have a hunch that we should give Carbide Create a good chance. What little there is to see, it’s well on the way of competing with Cut2D.

Others love SheetCAM and CamBam. There are several others. YMMV.

That there are Vectric post processors for the Nomad is a big plus… but I bet Carbide Create will work too! :smiling_imp: