Vee bit Degree Guesswork

Everybody may already know this, but it helped me so I’ll ramble on. I had several 1/8" vee bits that I could see were different, but I did not know what degree vee they were. So, right triangle plane geometry time. Got out my Browne&Sharp calipers and measured the height of the cutting portion of the bit, then went here
I had measured side a at 0.148" and knew side b had to be 1/2 of 0.125 or 0.0625 and got 22.894 degrees. close enough to 22.5° (half of 45°). you can also solve for angle B (Beta?) and it was 0.1509 so I probably fudged measuring side a. The bit I decided was a 60° bit came out to 28.864° . enjoy my bad windows paint artwork