Vee bit depth on contour cut

I am trying to use a 90deg Vee bit to cut 45 deg edges on the side of what I hope will be a box. I have the bit setup as a new tool with the following information:
Diameter: 0.500"
Flute Length: 0.250"
Angle: 45
Number of Flutes: 2

The piece of wood is approximately 1/4" thick. Since I only wanted to do the sides at 45 deg, I chose contour, no offset, and the max depth to the thickness of the board. When I run it, the tip of the bit ends up going about 1/8" into my wasteboard.

ahhhh just found my issue - using touch probe to find just the Z height but I had set the touch probe on the piece of wood like I was trying to find all three axis, which sets the probe offset on the corner of the wood instead of on top of it… not surprisingly about 1/8" difference in Z height between the two positions.

Please disregard my noobishness. Nothing to see here. Carry on. :roll_eyes:


Live and learn. I had questioned about depth for v carving with a 90 and 60 degree bit and the depth is not controllable. The Carbide Create makes the cutter cut the width of the line. That can cause the bit to over penetrate (Depth) to make the v cut all the way accross the line. For instance if the bit is 1/2 inch wide and the line you want to cut os 1/2 inch wide the depth will be at least as deep as the bit because it is the width of the line that determines the depth of the cut. So a very wide line can cause very deep v cut. To be clear I am talking about Carbide Create and Carbide Motion. Some of the Aspire software I understand have settings for depth of cut on v cuts in the tool paths.

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for a technique to control depth.

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Been there…done that! LOL

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