Vertical bit & collet holder

After the box’o’cutters, and the plate’o’cutters, I may have found my perfect solution for storing my endmills and collets. 3d-printed holders that I mounted on the inside wall of my enclosure. This does not take any useful space elsewhere, and I have them all available at arm’s reach. It’s surprising how such a little change can make my workflow more pleasant…

Should anyone be interested, below are the Fusion360 files (WARNING: they are of the “quick and dirty” variety)

1/4" endmills holder:

1/8" endmills holder

ER20 collets holder


At first I was wondering how you clamped them down to mill the 45 degree holes then I re - read the 3D printer part. I need to get one!
Very nice, but the 2nd row down is all flutes haha better wear gloves or something use a rag to grab those!


I would have replied “nah, flutes are not that sharp”, but… I happened to cut my finger while removing melted aluminium from an endmill recently, so I won’t :slight_smile:


I think it is a good use of space but when I started turning I had a shopsmith. I made a chisel holder to set on the rails of the Shopsmith. I realized that the sharp points are just at the right height to poke me in the eye if I bent over the machine. I put PVC caps on all the chisels. May you could make a 3d printed cover for your buts and be able to grasp them to pull them free without cutting your fingers. Plus with all those sharp bits sticking up it may make a good safety factor for keeping your fingers and eyes safe.