Very interesting!

Would love to try one of these!!!

I preordered one…it will be hard to wait a full year for delivery, but that time will be occupied by my Nomad and my 3D printers. :wink:

That looks interesting. Pardon my ignorance, but at that price, why would you not just get an XXL Shapeoko 3? Is it more because you’re not bound to a certain work area? Is the trade-off of the boundless work area worth the lack of automation and less precise cuts?

I have the same questions, @shakezoola. I feel like maybe the advantage is being able to process 4x8 sheets (or larger, I suppose) without needing a giant table to be permanently setup? At any rate that’s what would appeal to me about it.

I also wonder how fun it will be to try using this tool on a 5+ hour CNC job… but maybe that’s not the point of it? Very interesting to see how this new tool gets adopted (assuming it does).

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It looks to be very precise. Maybe too good to be true. Yes, the fact that it’s not attached to a particular size or location seems super versatile. I had thought of long jobs. I don’t think this is a machine for everything. A very interesting concept. I like the semi-manual nature of it.

Go watch the videos they have on their YouTube channel…gives you a better idea as to what it can do.

Here’s a nice short video of Jimmy Diresta (if you haven’t watched his stuff yet, go look at his channel, it’s great fun, and very inspiring) using the Shaper:

And if you want to go more in depth, you can watch these two: did a 21 minute video with the thing:

And here’s a video Make: did with it:

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It will be interesting how the folks at Handibot respond to this. I have a copy of their newest version and I like the portability, as well as the ability to cut large pieces via tiling.

quite interesting… they get to double dip with the sale of the tool AND the consumable tape… ingenious!

what I find most attractive is the scalability of your parts and workspace.

Here’s the accuracy remarks:
With a small amount of practice, you are actually able to achieve cuts far greater than within 1/100th of an inch using Origin