Vetric Aspire 9.5 for US $9.95

I was look at buying Vetric Vcarve Pro and was searching and found a link to ebay:


The price is $9.95 US and says it is lifetime license.

The Vetric Aspire 10 was just released. My question is this seems too good to be true. When something is too good to be true it usually is a rip off.

What do you think about such a fantastic deal?

If not infected, just pirated software.


The only time I’ve done that it actually worked out. I bought Macromedia Dreamweaver for very cheap, like $30. The caveat being that it was an older version, but came in a full retail box with the stink wrap, labels, etc… I was able to register, and buy further updates. I would say that 199% of the time that’s not the case. As @neilferreri mentioned, if it isn’t pirated, then it’s likely pirated AND infected. Software is a funny thing, because we don’t have a physical “tool” in our hands it can be hard to cough up the cash. As a software developer in a past life I can say that just as much work goes into developing a piece of software as does designing and producing a physical tool, the only real difference is in material/production costs(unless you count pizza and coffee). I wouldn’t run that software if they gave ME $9.99!



Read the negative reviews:


It’s not a deal, it’s theft, and apparently part of the instructions for installation require that one disconnect from the internet and run a script which gives the “seller” full control of your machine.

Vectric actually has a mechanism to charge for transferring a license:

and it alone is more than $9.95, so this simply can’t be right.


Thanks for the advise. My first instinct was it was a rip off. I have seen some older versions of software sell for less than when it was current but from $2000.00 to $9.95 was just too good to be true.

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