VFD connection to carbide motion board

Are there any detailed docs on how to connect VFD to carbide motion board?

I just ordered this VFD and spindle. 1.5KW ER11 Air cooled spindle motor 220V/110V Diameter 65mm 4ball bearings Spindle for CNC Machine & 1.5kw HuanYang Inverter VFD|Machine Tool Spindle| - AliExpress 5 I went with air cooled since I did not want the hassle of setting up a water pump and lines. I ordered the 110V version. They also have a water cooled spindle for $95.00 US which I might order in the future if the air cooled version does not work out.

I searched for setting up the VFD with Pro XXL and could not find any wiki or info on the subject. Does anyone know of a good instruction video showing how to hook up the VFD to a Pro XXL?

Here is the link to the water cooled version. 110v 800w ER11 CNC Water Cooled Spindle Motor Wood Working CNC Milling Spindle Motor 65x195mm With 4 Bearing|Machine Tool Spindle| - AliExpress 6


So the thing is, at this point in time the spindle&VFD upgrade is not something that is officially supported, which is why you can’t find any official tutorial/video to do it. However, the information is available out there:

  • the forum has many many threads about this, but it’s not easy to find your way in the available information. Check out the “Mods/Add-on” part of the selection of forum threads for two of the popular threads.
  • the ebook has a small section about the concept. The pinout for the Pro XXL controller and where to pick up the PWM signal is in this thread among others.
    I don’t know about unofficial videos, I would not be surprised if someone out there on Youtube explained how they hooked up their VFD to the Shapeoko.

And then there’s always…asking the forum once you have read about the basics (tldr: connect the PWM from the controller to the VI input of the VFD, GND to GND, adjust VFD parameters, done), we’ll be happy to support you

Thank you for the quick reply

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