VFD not funtioning

My Shapeoko 4 xxl was working fine and all of a sudden, the spindle stopped working. I went to run a job and the spindle did not turn on. I checked all of the wiring and re-seated everything. I updated to the latest of Carbide Motion for my machine (i Then it started with a “cutter not found” then a couple of freak movements of the Z axis when it was finally found. The cutter is able to trace out the job but just without the spindle. Now my VFD module won’t turn on the RED power button. I am still able to JOG the Spindel with the “JOG” button on the tower. I tried running a couple jobs that were successful in the past thinking that maybe a G Code issue was causing the issue. I got nothing. I am worried sick and need help. Thanks. Mike

Usually the VFDs “just work”

If they don’t, that’s something which we should be able to address at support@carbide3d.com

Do you have a Carbide Compact Router to use as a backup? If you can’t wait on shipping, a Makita RT0701 is a drop-in replacement which you should be able to source locally — uses the same collets, so you’re good to go on tooling, just the cord is shorter, control layout is different, the dial lacks detents and may vibrate off a given speed setting, and it’s teal.

To make matters worse when to trouble shoot i also wiggled the 6 prong X11 input out of my controller board. this a replaceable part? or is there a board replacement? I am no good at soldering.

Let the folks at support know and we’ll work out how to handle it with you.

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