VFD or VSD cable

This is what I did. Picture was taken last year sometime when I was almost done with my wiring (added 2 more circuits since then for dust collector and air compressor):


haha man that looks familiar. I have a 25 gallon air compressor as well that needs power too. I am definitely going to have to ask for more than I thought I needed.

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It’s surprising how much better a compressor runs on 220 than 110. Definitely put in a 220 socket for it if you’re at it. You’ll need switch the motor to 220 (it’s easy, and usually marked inside the motor cover) and put on a different connector on the power cable, but it starts up a lot easier.

You’ll need that “dryer” socket if you want to add a plasma cutter too. They’re getting a lot less expensive than they used to be, and are awfully handy. I don’t use mine often, but when I do, it’s priceless. TIG, Plasma, and a mill, and you’re all set :slight_smile:


Seriously I can’t thank you all enough! When I got the 2.2kw spindle I had already had plans to have an electrician come in to add an outlet in the new garage just because I needed more. But to actually get what I really need instead of my ignorance causing more headaches makes life so much better :smile:

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