VFR Spindle Won't Stop

I recently purchased the Shapeoko 5 Pro and I finally got everything put together but I have a couple of problems. Whenever I turn on the machine, the VFR spindle starts right away. I’ve tried to send the MDI “M5” code but nothing happens. The only way I can stop the spindle is pressing the stop (reset) on the VFR box. Secondly, when I try to use the bitsetter, the machine keeps trying to push down into the bitsetter, and I have to kill the power. The red light is always on the bitsetter, and when I push down on it, the green one lights up.

Any ideas?

Check that you configured correctly for a VFD spindle, not a BitRunner.

If that wasn’t the cause, let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll work this out with you there.

Yes, I went through the set up again and made sure the spindle was set up as VFD spindle and the spindle still starts shortly after turning the power on.

I reached out to the email provided.


Have the same issue with my VFD, seems they have a bad batch of VFD controllers recently. Support said they’d send me a replacement.

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